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Physics 11 & 12 are challenging and demanding courses. Homework, labs, and assignments are given regularly. It is essential that you have a mature attitude toward learning and are willing to make the effort to be as successful as you can.

· Attend class on a regular basis.
Be attentive in class, use class time wisely, and come prepared.
· Your notes should be well organized. They should include appropriate titles, dates, and model problems.
· Ask questions for clarification.

· It is important for you to review your notes on a nightly basis and also to read your text regularly.
· Do homework as assigned & check answers in book for problems. If you have questions about the homework, then ensure that you ask the next day.
· Prepare for quizzes and tests by doing problems in addition to going over your notes.

· Keep track of important dates in your agenda. Due dates are clearly posted in the lab and also on
· A good tutorial site is The Physics Classroom
· Extra help is available for those making an honest effort.



· Be sure that assignments/labs have a title section that includes the title, your name, and the due date. Please do not use title pages.
· Pay attention to details such as significant digits and units.
· Answer in complete sentences - even if it is a mathematical problem!
· Use the answers in the back of the book as a check only - sometimes the answers are incorrect or have the wrong number of significant digits
· Please show all work - credit will not be given if your work is not shown. Consider using the GRASP method: Given, Required, Analysis, Solution, Paraphrase.
· Any graphs for the first portion of the course are to be completed by hand on graph paper that you provide. As we move through the course, you will be expected to make use of the graphing software for the completion of any graphs.
· You should be starting to word process your labs. Please use symbols and superscripts/subscripts properly. It is also a good idea to start looking at the use of the equation editor that is available in Word.
· Please have sufficient print credit available at all times.