Art 10: Final paintings and sketchbooks due June 14 (14 sketches from Term 2, watercolour perspective or acrylic painting may count as upto 2 sketches)

Design 11: Complete independent project on June 13, critiques on 14th. All due and Sketchbooks due 14th (14 sketches from Term 2, 10 of which are investigations into food) relationship to food

Art 12: Final studio project due and critiques are June 12 & 14. Sketchbooks Due Feb 14) ANNOTATED ML are past due.






Free Download: Design 11 Font Designs

Read: What Does a Fine Arts Degree Get You?

Bruce Mau Manifesto for Creative Growth

Being Art Educated / assessment tool

Try this at home: Image Transfers with Acrylic Medium

Art Courses & Camps: Ross Creek / NSCAD U (March Break)

Download a Horton High Art Program orientation document.
By Chloe Ferguson, Design 11
(5.4mb pdf)


Meredith Murray, Brain food, 2013.

This site is full of art lessons, assessment rubrics, and reference materials for Art 10 (Foundation), Design 11 and Art 12 (Advanced Art 3).

If you like what you find in this site, or if you have any questions, please send me feedback! Thanks, P.Syme

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Readings and Videos

Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking

According to Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
Creativity is the highest order of thinking.

5 steps to Fearless Creative Thinking

Sir Ken Robinson: How School is Killing Creativity (RSA)


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