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  • NumberNut - A highly visual site dealing with all aspects of number operations. Activities are interactive - and you can choose advanced ones.
  • Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives - Utah University's extensive collection of virtual manipulatives covering numbers and operations at all grade levels.
  • SuperKid Math Sheet Creator - A free worksheet generator for everything from multiplication to averaging. Has an answer sheet as well.
  • Basic Facts Bingo - a free program that generates BINGO cards with basic questions for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
  • Tools for Fractions and Other Concepts - University of Georgia's technology integration site with free interactive, online tools.
  • Basic Facts Worksheets - the same company as above, but this free program generates worksheets instead of BINGO cards.
  • iKnowthat - Games to practice basic math skills. Good quality, but may appear too childish to older students.
  • Math News Stories - Basic math concepts are covered through a quiz that is based on a news story. The story has audio support and is on a split screen with the quiz.
  • KPercentage - A free program to test students on figuring percentages. Also try KBrunch for a program on fractions.


  • Multiplication Games - Some interactive games and flash cards to practice multiplication. Various levels available.
  • Math Mayhem - A series of timed questions that gage a student's speed against other participants from around the world.
  • Visual Fractions - Various visual aides to show fractions and operations. Good for students to play with or to project on a screen for the class.
  • PBS Mathline - Activities using number operations to study the world around us.
  • Jim Reed - An Alberta teacher created a site with Flash animations for algebra, number sense, geometry, and statistics/probability. Lots to choose from.
  • Interactive Spreadsheets - Downloadable spreadsheets and other resources from the UK. You can find other resources by level or age on the left menu.
  • Fractions - A good overview of fractions in a Flash animation. Also try this section on numbers.

This web site was developed and maintained as part of the Annapolis Regional School Board's Middle School IEI Technology Integration Teacher/Mentor position.