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  • Measurement and Geometry Tools - From the University of Georgia. Some interactive tools to find area and other measurements.
  • Measurement Presentations - Some highly visual presentations on things such as estimating length and capacity.
  • Conversion Tool - A free program that converts 650 different units of measurement between each other.
  • PBS Mathline - Some excellent activities to show the relevance of measurement. A number of activities offer simulations.
  • Design Your Own Bedroom - Students use Internet resources and common software applications to design and maintain their own room.


  • Virtual Manipulatives - Utah State's online library of free manipulatives in all grade levels.
  • Size Easy - Enter dimensions of an object and get a "real world" comparison visually.
  • Universcale - An interactive grid that shows scale from microbes to solar systems. Very engaging.
  • Google Sketchup - A free drafting program for creating 3D images.
  • Math is Fun - Some interactive demonstrations of measurement theories and activities.
  • Metric Scale - A good handout with visuals to describe scale from one extreme to another.

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