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  • Virtual Manipulatives - Free data analysis and probability tools from Utah State University - all grade levels.
  • AVRSB Graphing - Resources and ideas to incorporate graphing in your class. Compiled by Martha Stewart and Brad Pemberton.
  • Interactive Spreadsheets - Downloadable spreadsheets and other resources from the UK. You can find other resources by level or age on the left menu.
  • Free Excel Spreadsheets - Free downloads of pre-made spreadsheets to cover subjects such as probability, ratios and averages.
  • Keeping Grades - An activity where students keep track of their own grades in a subject and use a spreadsheet to test their math skills.

    Marriage Activity - A research activity that requires various mathematical skills to solve real-life situations. Also available with a scenario of purchasing a new car.

  • Create a Graph - A very easy and professional (and free) web site where students can create their own graphs in different styles and formats.
  • Statistics Canada - Lessons and activities for Middle School, with a connection to the data resources available at Statistics Canada.
  • Swivel - A curious collection of data an represented in graphs. A great place for students to explore data from around the world.
  • PBS Mathline - A number of online activities using available data on the Internet.
  • Jim Reed - An Alberta teacher created a site with Flash animations for algebra, number sense, geometry, and statistics/probability. Lots to choose from.

This web site was developed and maintained as part of the Annapolis Regional School Board's Middle School IEI Technology Integration Teacher/Mentor position.