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The following Mathematical Blackline Masters Grades P-9 are available for teachers to use in their classrooms. These are the same blackline masters available through the school board on CD. Just choose a topic below to find what you are looking for. The links are Microsoft Word files.

Addition Charts - Addition and Subtraction - Algebra - Base 10 Blocks - Calendars - Clocks - Colour Tiles - Decimals - Dot paper - Five and Ten Frames - Fraction Circles - Fraction Pieces - Fraction Strips - Geoboards - Geometry 2D - Geometry 3D - Grid paper - Mat Plans - Measurement - Miscellaneous - Money - Multiplication Charts - Number - Number Charts - Number Cubes - Number Lines - Pattern Blocks - Place Value Charts - Symmetry - Tables - Tangrams



Blackline Master Title

  • addition charts (top)

Addition Chart (blank)
Addition Chart (missing number 1)
Addition Chart (missing number 2)
Addition Chart (missing number 3)

  • addition subtraction (top)

Add and Subtract Cards
Addition Mat
Addition and Subtraction Signs

  • algebra (top)


  • base 10 blocks (top)

Base 10 Blocks (all)
Base Ten Grid Paper
Base 10 Blocks (hundreds)
Base 10 Blocks (tens and ones)
Base 10 Blocks (thousands)

  • calendars (top)

Calendar 1
Calendar 2

Clock (not numbered)
Clock (numbered)
Clocks (small)

  • colour tiles (top)

Colour Tiles

  • decimals (top)

(decimal squares, number paths)

Decimal Squares
Decimal Squares (wholes to thousandths)

Number Path
Number Path (blank)

  • dot paper (top)

Isometric Dot Paper (1 cm)
Isometric Dot Paper (2 cm)
Square Dot Paper (0.5 cm)
Square Dot Paper (1 cm)
Square Dot Paper (2 cm)
Triangle Dot Paper

  • five and ten frames (top)

Five Frame
Ten Frame (blank)
Ten Frames (four blank)
Ten Frames (four with dots)
Ten Frames (large with dots)
Ten Frames (small blank)
Ten Frames (small with dots)

  • fraction circles (top)

Fraction Circles (fifths to eighths labelled)
Fraction Circles (fifths to eighths unlabelled)
Fraction Circles (ninths to twelfths labelled)
Fraction Circles (ninths to twelfths unlabelled)
Fraction Circles (tenths labelled)
Fraction Circles (tenths unlabelled)
Fraction Circles (to fourths labelled)
Fraction Circles (to fourths unlabelled)
Fraction Circles (to twelfths unlabelled)

  • fraction pieces (top)

Fraction Pieces (eighths to twelfths)
Fraction Pieces (fourths to sixths)
Fraction Pieces (to thirds)

  • fraction strips (top)

Fraction Strips (to tenths labelled)
Fraction Strips (to tenths unlabelled)
Fraction Strips (to twelfths labelled)
Fraction Strips (to twelfths unlabelled)

  • geoboards (top)

Geoboard (5 x 5)
Intermediate Geoboard (11 x 11)
Small Geoboards (four)
Small Geoboards (twelve)

  • geometry 2D (top)

Angles (various)
Attribute Blocks
Congruent Polygons
Polygons (sheet A)
Polygons (sheet B)
Polygons (sheet C)
Polygons (sheet D)
Pythagorean Theorem

  • geometry 3D (top)

(isometric drawings, nets)

Isometric Drawings 1
Isometric Drawings 2

Net (closed cylinder)
Net (cone)
Net (hexagonal prism)
Net (open cylinder)
Net (rectangular prism)
Net (square based pyramid)
Net (triangular prism)
Net (triangular pyramid)

3-D Skeletons

  • grid paper (top)

Grids (10 x 10)
Co-ordinate Grid Paper
Grid Paper (0.5 cm)
Grid Paper (1.0 cm)
Grid Paper (2.0 cm)
Ten Thousands Grid

  • mat plans (top)

Mat Plan 1
Mat Plan 2
Mat Plan 3
Mat Plan (all)
Mat Plan (blank)

  • measurement (top)


Thermometer (2 scales)
Thermometers 1
Thermometers 2
Thermometers 3

Number Strips (100 cm)
Measurement Recording Sheet
Rulers (15 cm)

  • miscellaneous (top)

Alphabet Letters
Bar Graph
Hundredths Disk
Venn Diagram

Canadian Currency (bills)
Canadian Currency (coins)

  • multiplication charts (top)

Multiplication Chart (12 x 20)
Multiplication Chart (blank)
Multiplication Chart (fill in)
Multiplication Chart (missing number 1)
Multiplication Chart (missing number 2)




Dot Cards
Large Numbers 1 to 10
Number Match Cards (dominoes)
Number Match Cards (numerals)
Number Match Cards (tally)
Number Words
Numbers (0 to 100)
Ordinal Numbers
Skip Counting (by 10’s)

  • number charts (top)


Number Chart (0 to 99)
Number Chart (four 0 to 99)
Number Chart (fill in 0 to 99)
Number Chart (1 to 200)
Number Chart (100 to 199)
Number Chart (200 to 299)
Number Chart (300 to 399)
Number Chart (400 to 499)
Number Chart (500 to 599)
Number Chart (600 to 699)
Number Chart (700 to 799)
Number Chart (800 to 899)
Number Chart (900 to 999)
Number Chart (blank 100)

  • number cubes (top)

Number Cube (blank)
Number Cube (dots)
Number Cube (numbers)

  • number lines (top)

Fraction Number Lines 1
Fraction Number Lines 2
Number Line (integers)
Number Line (vertical with -1, 0, +1)
Number Line (vertical blank)
Number Line (vertical integers)
Number Lines (blank 1)
Number Lines (blank 2)
Number Lines (blank elementary)
Number Lines (numbered 1)
Number Lines (numbered 2)
Number Lines (primary)
Number Lines (various)

  • pattern blocks (top)

Pattern Blocks (all)
Pattern Blocks (hexagons)
Pattern Blocks (blue rhombi)
Pattern Blocks (tan rhombi)
Pattern Blocks (squares)
Pattern Blocks (trapezoids)
Pattern Blocks (triangles)

  • place value charts (top)


Place Value Chart (to tens)
Place Value Chart (to hundreds)
Place Value Chart (to thousands)
Place Value Chart (to hundred thousands)
Place Value Chart (to millions)
Place Value Chart (to tenths)
Place Value Chart (to hundredths)
Place Value Chart (to thousandths)

  • symmetry (top)

Symmetry (bug)
Symmetry (car)
Symmetry (house)

Table (blank 3 x 4)
Table (blank 5 x 5)

  • tangrams (top)


Tangram Pieces
Tangram Puzzle (boat)
Tangram Puzzle (horse)

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