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  • NCTM's Lessons, Activities and Tools - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics web site Illuminations with great, free resources.
  • Interactives - Over 130 interactive tools under Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Probability, Statistics, and other topics. Much like NCTM.
  • Blue Web'n: Math - Grate sites for math, searchable by subject and grade, to integrate technology.
  • Brainpop Math - A popular series of short animations for various math topics. 14-day free trial.
  • Rainforest Math - Some great interactive tools for Grades Primary to 6. Uses rainforest animals, but not too elementary for middle level.
  • Math World - A detailed and extensive reference site for teachers and students. A series of descriptions, with visuals, of mathematical concepts.
  • Jim Reed - An Alberta teacher created a site with Flash animations for algebra, number sense, geometry, and statistics/probability. Lots to choose from.

  • Prongo - Some high quality interactive math games. Good for students that like to play games during "downtime".
  • Jason Project - A commercial site, but offers demo units on math and science topics.
  • Mathematical Thinking - A good site to show the practical use of mathematical principles, such as prime numbers and probability.
  • Calcr - Simple online calculator that lists calculations like the old paper spools.

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This web site was developed and maintained as part of the Annapolis Regional School Board's Middle School IEI Technology Integration Teacher/Mentor position.