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  • Algebra Solutions - This site offers pre-algebra and algebra mini-lessons, interactive practice questions, and step-by-step solutions.
  • Virtual Algebra Manipulatives - From Utah State University's library, free manipulatives dealing with everything from tiles to graphing.
  • Virtual Algebra Tools and Games - A site from the University of Georgia that offers tools such as virtual algebra tiles to a maze game using coordinates.
  • Classmate Math - A 30-day free trial to a commercial site, but offers video instruction, animations, and assessment tools for algebra and geometry.
  • Plato Algebra Math Tools - Some free sample activities (scroll down) from a math site on functions and hyperbolas. Also some activities around basic skills, problem solving.
  • Formula to Go - A list of common formulas used in algebra and geometry.


  • Algebra Test Generator - A quick quiz generator that can produce interactive quizzes, which you could also print out.
  • Algebra Review - This site is designed to prepare students for a specific exam. However, it has some good interactive quizzes and tools for teachers and students.
  • Interactive Spreadsheets - Downloadable spreadsheets and other resources from the UK. You can find other resources by level or age on the left menu.
  • PBS Mathline - Algebra in a number of different real world activities. Online resources connected with activities.
  • Jim Reed - An Alberta teacher created a site with Flash animations for algebra, number sense, geometry, and statistics/probability. Lots to choose from.

This web site was developed and maintained as part of the Annapolis Regional School Board's Middle School IEI Technology Integration Teacher/Mentor position.