Theresa Pelley


This website will share links to course content as well as highlight projects and major assignments.


Due dates will be assigned well in advance of tests and major assignments. Written outlines for
tests and major assignments will be provided. Students are expected to plan their work schedule

Extensions may be granted if requests are reasonable. Late assignments will be
penalized if an extension has not been granted. Major assignments will be penalized 5% per day
that the assignment is late, to a maximum of 25% of the value of the assignment.

I will contact home within a few days of major assignments not being submitted, and also if there
is a pattern of daily work not being completed.

Marks will be available on-line using PowerSchool. Information needed for students and parents
to access these grades will be provided in my course communication plan that will be forwarded
to parents/guardians in the near future.

Students are expected to follow the AVRSB and Horton High School policies as outlined in the
school agenda. Students are encouraged to discuss any concerns with me.
Parents are welcome to call me at the school -542-6060 - or e-mail me with any questions or
concerns related to student progress at