Brand Identifiers

Brand identifiers are logos, stylised text or unique features that help identify one item from another. Companies use the identifiers toensure ther is no doubt as to what product is in front of your eyes.

The stylised script used for the word "Dodge" is every bit as important in identifying the brand as the word itself.

Companies work hard to make sure their band is easily identifiable regardless of the literacy level of the viewer.

Do you need to read Thai or Chinese to know what you're buying? The Distinctive colours, white swirl, and bottle shape tell you all you need to know.


Companies use distinct symbols, text, colour schemes and even shapes to distinguish one product from another. In turn, this makes any photo a potential advertising opportunity.

Even without looking at the top corner of the ad, can you identify the product?


If produced correctly, a logo or symbol can accurately identify an item even if it's partially visible. What two teams are playing here?

Click on the photo for an enlarged version. Count all the logos, stylised text, and coprprate symbols on this photo.

How many brand identifiers are in this picture?


Your challenge:

Go back through the three magazines you used to identiufy formal ads, and find all the examples of logo, stylised text, and disticntive shape used in ANY image in your magazine. Recoird this data on a seperate piece of paper and then work out the ratio of brand identifiers per page in each of your magazines.


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