Want to be Successful in Grade 11 Math?
Here are eight Important points to Remember!


1. Attend class on a regular basis and be on time.

2. Keep your binder of notes, handouts, and homework neat and well organized.

3. Complete all assigned work, including homework, and complete it on time. Please note that while homework is not marked, simply copying the answer key will not allow you to learn anything. The only way to learn from homework is to complete it and then correct your mistakes.

4. Be responsible for missed work (notes and homework) caused by unavoidable absences. Be sure to ask if you missed any handouts or homework.

5. Keep all corrected work in a safe place – you may need these to study from, put in a portfolio, or verify a mark.

6. If you miss a test/quiz due to illness, bring a written excuse from your parent or guardian within three school days of your return stating the reason for your absence. This allows you to write a makeup test/quiz. Students who miss tests without a valid excuse will receive a mark of zero on that test/quiz.

7. Seek help and discuss concerns when necessary, either through scheduled help sessions or by asking for an appointment with the teacher. I am pleased to provide extra help at a mutually convenient time to anyone who is making a genuine effort.

8. Be honest and respectful in your dealings with teachers and classmates.