Instructor:  Kathy Fuller


This course is an academic level course intended for students who plan to enter post-secondary studies not requiring further mathematical studies.  For most students this will require a consistent effort and significant time.  Math 12 is an outcomes-based course that continues to build on the Math skills established in Math 10 and Math 11.  It is essential for students to have a reasonably strong background of basic math skills to be successful in this course.  Problem solving, applications, and technology will be used complete the outcomes.


A major component of this course’s evaluation is a provincial exam.  The content that MUST be covered in order to prepare students to write this exam is significant.  This makes regular attendance in this course and regular completion of assigned work critical.



TEXT:                  Nelson’s Mathematical Modeling – Book 3



OUTLINE:            Quadratics

Exponential & Logarithmic Growth

Circle Geometry




EVALUATION:     TERM 1 ~ 35%                                     

                           TERM 2 ~ 35%                                                                                  

                           EXAM ~ 30%                                       



   TERM evaluation is given below

                           Tests                                                    50%                                      

                           Quizzes                                                 30%                 

                           Assignments/Journal                             20%                 




·   Students are expected to be on time for class, to be prepared for class, and to be respectful of others. 

·   There are to be no hats and no headphones worn in this room. 

·   Please do not bring personal stereos, cell phones, make-up kits, skateboards, or food/drinks (including bottled water) to class…..this room is a science lab/computer lab.

·   Bookbags/backpacks are to be left at the door. 

·   Students who ask to use the phone, washroom, fountain, etc. during class are a disruption.  Please utilize recess, lunch and time between classes for this purpose. 

·   Please refrain from writing on tables, books, and/or computers/accessories.






ASSIGNMENTS/JOURNALS: These are to be passed in at the beginning of class on the date due.  ASSIGNMENTS/JOURNALS printed off at the beginning of the class will be considered LATE!!!  Late assignments will be penalized 1pt. if passed in by 3:30pm on the due date and 2pt. if passed in on the following day.  Assignments passed in within 2 days of the due date will be marked, but the mark will be recorded as zero.  Journals will only be accepted on the due date as they are a check of regularly assigned homework.  PLEASE USE YOUR AGENDA TO HELP YOU ORGANIZE & PASS WORK IN ON TIME!!!!!  Due dates are clearly posted in the lab and also on  This homework web page can be also accessed through my web page.  Two “Late FreebiesJ” are available…use wisely!!


QUIZZES/TESTS: If you are absent for a quiz/test, you should be prepared to write a make-up quiz/test at lunch on the day you return if an acceptable written excuse is provided. If an acceptable excuse is not provided, then that quiz/test will count as zero. Your dates are known well in advance, so please avoid making appointments on quiz/test days, if possible.  Dates are clearly posted in the lab and also on


CLASSWORK:     You are expected to demonstrate a mature attitude toward learning and use your classtime efficiently. Classwork/homework is to be completed as requested.  Computer accounts will be suspended if computers are not used appropriately.


EXTRA HELP:     Extra help will be available regularly for students making an honest effort.  It is best to check with me as I may occasionally have noon duty or meetings.  Please sign up in my agenda on the front counter.


MISSED TIME:    If you are absent for a class, it is your responsibility to contact a member of your class prior to your return and make arrangements to get any notes.  Any handouts will be provided, however, it is your responsibility to request them.  Assignments/journals are due at the same time as the rest of the class, except if you are absent on the due date.  Be sure to pass anything in as soon as you return to school if you missed the due date.


ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: If it becomes apparent that a student has cheated on quizzes/tests/exams or has copied assignments/journals then a mark of zero will be assigned for that work.  Please refer to p28 of Student Agenda.


SUPPLIES:          Binder, looseleaf, pencil, ruler, graph paper, graphing calculator (may be rented for the year for $30), print credit.