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  • Google - How to use the most popular search engine on the Internet. Click on the left menu to see basic and advanced features. Try Google Tutor for more specific tutorials.
  • EBSCO - All schools have access to this research service. An extensive database of articles, journals, and other sources for students and teachers.
  • iTools - One page where you can search various engines and sources. Use the right side to select a category of searching.
  • Wikipedia - The latest information magnet on the Internet. An open encyclopedia where people from around the world contribute the content. You can use the Gollum Browser if students find it too confusing.
  • Zoo - A search engine that does a pretty good job in filtering out innapropriate content. Good for students to use at home. Also try Quintura for Kids which is very visual as well.
  • Mahalo - A categorized search engine that provides broad categories and subcategories to search for popular pages with a few clicks.

  • Internet Public Library - A good collection of web sites, magazines, and articles available on the Internet. Use the menu on the left to navigate.
  • Think Tank - An online feature that helps frame topics and subtopics for research. Good for writing, as well.
  • Reference Desk - Not a pretty site, but provides a link to any fact that you could possibly want to find. Links to search engines and hundreds of reference sites.
  • List of Major Search Engines - A detailed list of the major search engines with a detailed description of what they offer. Good for teachers, probably too detailed for students.
  • Search Tutorials and Handouts - Free printouts, PowerPoints, and online tutorials on popular search techniques and Internet literacy.
  • Onelook Reverse Dictionary - Rather than look up a definition, you describe the definition and then get possible words that match it.


  • CrossEngine - An easy site that allows you to search for pages, images, video, and other categories across multiple engines.
  • Squidoo - A site where people contribute content called "lenses". You can search for various topics under these lenses, and have info as to whom contributed it.
  • Answers - A great search engine for fast facts and reference resources.
  • Videojug - A search for "how to" videos. Submitted by the public - so not everything is relevant. Also try Podzinger to search for audio and video podcasts.
  • Webaroo - Download websites so you don't need an Internet connection to view them later.
  • Snap - Gives a visual of the search results and suggests topics as you type. Also try Pixsy for news images and video.
  • Which Engine? - A list of search engines with under easy to follow categories. Text heavy, but well worth it. Also try this list of the top 100 alternative search engines.
  • Rollyo - A new web search engine that can search the sites you trust. You can post these sites in a single online file, or Searchrolls, so students can use your list to find information.
  • Gollum Browser - A free kid-friendly browser for getting through Wikipedia.
  • WebCopier - A free program that allows you to copy and save entire web sites on your computer so you can browse offline at anytime.
  • Excellent Tutorials and Resources - Purdue University has some interactive tutorials and resources on searching the Internet for various topics.
  • A Great Overview - This is suitable for students and teachers with some good tips and links to more detailed information from Tuscaloosa City School.
  • Clusty - A great search engine that groups results in sub category clusters.
  • The Librarians' Internet Index - Under the title "sites you can trust", a collection of sites under broad and specific search categories.
  • Research on the Internet - Various tutorials and handouts on all aspects of conducting research on the Internet.

This web site was developed and maintained as part of the Annapolis Regional School Board's Middle School IEI Technology Integration Teacher/Mentor position.