Organization Skills

Having the necessary books and materials, on hand, at the time when they are needed, requires a lot of PRACTICE and SKILL.

COLOUR CODING binders and maintaining the same colour code throughout junior high and high school works well. Students easily learn to associate a colour with a particular subject and can quickly organize themselves at their lockers.

If there is more than one subject in a binder, labelled DIVIDERS, with well reinforced holes, should clearly identify each subject.

Some binders have built in PENCIL CASES that are very useful. Having pencils and pens in each eliminates the chance of the student arriving to class without writing tools. Keeping the a calculator always in the math binder also saves valuable time. A supply of looseleaf reinforcers in each binder is a good idea so that any ripped pages may be fixed immediately and put in the correct spot in the binder.

All pages in the binder should be dated and kept in order.


Frequent BINDER CHECKS by parents is recommended. If the student is having problems with organization and is greatly frustrated, this fact should be communicated to the teacher so that it can be a team approach in helping improve the skill.

A copy of the CLASS TIMETABLE should be kept in each binder.

At home a copy of the class timetable should taped to the FRIDGE for easy access.