Making Homework Count

It is never too late to begin developing good homework habits. It all starts with having a system for knowing what the homework is each night. Most students use a HOMEWORK BOOK and it is important that this begin right off in September. Including as much detail as possible about the homework (pages, questions, particulars of how the homework should be done) is important. Seeing the teacher to ask clarifying questions, before leaving school for the day, may be necessary.

Having a FRIEND from class, who can be phoned at a time when there is some confusion about homework, is a valuable system to have in place.

Berwick and District School has an ON LINE HOMEWORK site where students and parents can find out daily what the homework assignments are for each of the classes in grades seven, eight and nine. This information can be found by visiting and clicking ONLINE HOMEWORK (listed down the left hand side of the page).

Parents need to make homework a priority in their home. Asking questions about homework and monitoring the quality of work being done is important. CONTACT WITH THE TEACHER and gaining information about homework expectations are also good things to do, especially if the homework creates a battleground in the home each night. This sharing of information may relieve some of the stress on parents and students.

Picking the BEST TIME to do homework is an important consideration. Being too tired, or hungry will not allow full concentration on the task at hand. Having a glass of water and a snack before the homework session is a good idea.

Parents can support homework time by imposing QUIET TIME for the whole house. This may mean no phone calls, video games, stereos, television, etc. during the set time each day.

At home have a REGULAR PLACE for doing homework. Make sure there is a table large enough for books, that there are FEW DISTRACTIONS and that there is a GOOD LIGHT source.

A HOMEWORK SURVIVAL KIT with necessary supplies (looseleaf, pen,pencil,eraser, dictionary, glue, markers,calculator, etc.) is a good idea to have on hand.

Parents may need to provide GUIDANCE with the school work; they should notprovide answers.

As soon as homework is completed it needs to be ORGANIZED in the backpack so that it is not misplaced or accidentally destroyed by the DOG! Having this done saves time during the morning rush.


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