Tips For Better Studying

Before beginning to study find out exactly what will be on the test: ask for an TEST OUTLINE. Having information about the KINDS OF QUESTIONS on the test is also valuable.

Ask if the teacher will be providing REVIEW TIME in class prior to the test. Take advantage of any study time being offerred.

Have ALL THE NOTES. Borrow from a friend and photocopy any missing material so that the study notes are complete.

When there is more than one test to prepare for, study the most difficult subject first.

Plan a STUDY SCHEDULE and stick to it. Only studying for a test, "the night before," is never a good idea. During EXAM TIME the study schedule may include several weeks of preparation beforehand.

Make your study plan realistic. Long periods for studying are not a good idea. Fresh fruit, water and exercise are good to include when taking a brief break from studying.

Being able to fully concentrate on the study material is important. Choose the time carefully. Be well rested and have a full stomach.

Make studying ACTIVE: READ the notes over, TALK about the topic with someone, LISTEN as someone reads the notes and asks questions, WRITE down review notes. MAKE a test and do ity. TYPE the main ideas of the topic. The more ways the material is reviewed, the more likely it will remembered.

When reviewing, COLOUR CODING sections of the notes that are troublesome (using a highlighter) may help keep the studying more focused.

If there are a focused group of friends, a STUDY GROUP can be very helpful. Discussion and asking each other questions is effective.